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How much will it cost?

Cat Patrol clients only pay for the service they have, this is why we give individual quotes for each new job that we do. Our charges are based on the number of cats we are to care for and the distance we will be traveling between our base in Mapperley Park and
your home. Below are 3 typical examples of our charges for a two cat household:
Within one mile £14.00 per day for two visits.
 Within one and two miles £15.00 per day for two visits.
    Within two and three miles £16.00 per day for two visits.
If your booking begins with a visit in the afternoon or ends with a visit in the morning you will only be charged half of the daily rate for
that visit. Payment is usually made by cash or cheque in advance but deferred payment/s can be arranged if necessary, please ask for
details. Cat Patrol endeavours to keep the fees we charge as low as possible by keeping advertising costs to a minimum.